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This AUTUMN / FALL EQUINOX is the Tea Ceremony and Meditation to check in with the Year of the Rabbit (Chinese Zodiac) and The Year of the Sacred Fire Keeper (numerology of 2023 = #7) and how you are accomplishing your goals and ambitions for the year 2023.

We have celebrated with Tea together in 2023 a few times this year. NOW IS THE TIME for a real "check in" to see what is missing and what is expected for the remaining of the year. The SACRED FIRE KEEPER is the number 7 in my upcoming book "Live Your LifePath" and is part of the Spiritual Path. When the year coincides with any number (next year 2024 will be the number 8, Year of the Philanthropist) it takes on the properties of that number.

2023 as a Sacred Fire Keeper is to be with people and be of Greater Service through compassion, joy, creativity and service.

  • Did you make new friends this year?

  • Have you had more joy and laughter?

  • Have you completed a creative project that will bring benefit to others?

  • Are you finding yourself led more by Spirit?

It's time to check in and make plans for the remaining part of the year. THE AUTUMN EQUINOX is the change of the season when people and animals prepare for the colder weather and go "inside" for more rest and meditation. It's also a time of celebrating all the goodness of the year to this point and to discover what needs to be done and what needs to be released for the rest of the year.

What you will get with the Autumn Equinox Tea Ceremony:

  • Appreciation of what has already been accomplished.

  • Understanding of what needs to be accomplished by the years end.

  • Clear understanding of the block and obstacles ahead and how to release them.

  • How your Path IS the Path of Spirit regardless of your personal LifePath number.

  • Deep Meditation to EnVision your next steps and to set Intention

  • Ask questions at the end of the meditation for your clarification

  • The joy of having TEA with like-minded people!

 Join this Virtual event as we lay out the elaborate offering of Tea, the power of Mindfulness and the Intention setting for:

The Autumn Equinox 2023


The Tea Ceremony offers people a chance to taste and appreciate the beauties of tea. Drinking tea is actually a spiritual enjoyment, an art or a means of cultivating people’s moral character and nourishing the nature.” Generally, the basic four spirits of Chinese Tea Ceremony are honor, beauty, harmony and respect, which means to honor everything around you, appreciate the beauty of the nature, pursue harmony and respect people and life.


  • Your own favorite tea with a separate cup of hot water.

  • Two or 3 snacks like a cookie or a piece of cheese or fruit.

  • A cloth napkin, dampened on one corner.


Please arrive on time.

Don Reed Simmons is a meditation teacher and shamanic practitioner who has led
many Meditative Tea Ceremonies for special events especially New Year, Solstice and Equinox.

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