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Shamanic Healing and Spiritual Resolution

The world holds many mysteries.

There are many things we don't know or understand in this world. Health and healing is one of them. Why does one person get sick and lives and another, with the same illness and the same treatment dies?

Are you recovering from traumatic events or feeling stuck in the body and mind due to an unfortunate life event? This session begins the process of acknowledging, balancing, resolving and releasing unwanted habits and behaviors. Tapping into ancient shamanic techniques to help you identify and specifically focus on the root causes of continued suffering and destructive personal patterns.

Discover how ancient wisdom combined with modern hypnotic techniques and sound healing free you to enjoy a more joy-filled life. Each session begins with a brief intake; understanding and giving voice to the situation; an evaluation of what you are struggling to overcome. Then using methods of intuition not limited to: numerology, palmistry, dowsing and more; Don employs his years of skills and training for a one on one customized session that is never the same twice.

You are unique and creating a life and more emotional resilience deserves an unique and customized approach. Book with Don today and discover how ancient wisdom meets modern body-mind science to help you find the balance you seek.

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