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This is your Invitation to join something
Good and Noble.

The World Needs YOU!

This is not just metaphysical rhetoric,

this is the actual

"You are being called upon to help the world be a better place."

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More and more we are losing our balance in life. Too many obligations. Too much distrust. Too much dishonesty. Too little integrity. Too little time.

There is a solution.

Meditation is only part of the solution.

We must build a whole Society based on Mindful Living.

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The Time Is Now.

How we live and how we interact with each other and ourself is what we can do. Meditation helps us listen deep within to hear, experience and act upon that Voice within, that Guiding Light, helping us navigate the world and the multitude of decisions we have to make each and every day.

Joining The Mindfulness Society will include:

  • Monday Mindfulness Meditations a 1/2 hour mindfulness meditation which includes a small discussion before and after the meditation.

  • The Healing Circle. A 90 minute session of conversation around healing and specifics of something going on with you and then Don creates a Healing Meditation/Shamanic Journey for healing.

  • Full access to The Mindful Society Substack Post which includes 2 recorded Meditations a month from The Trusted Tribe.

  • Partial Access to The Mindful Society Podcast.

  • 15% discount on a Private Session with Don Simmons

This is a way for you to begin really finding yourself through community of like minded people. People who are "perfectly imperfect," just like me and you.

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