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Trusted Tribe Membership

Meditation Group

The "Trusted Tribe" is an exciting model of systematic meditation practice, personal growth and Spiritual development creating a deeper practice and an expanded vision of Your Best Self.

  • Reduce Stress

  • Have a better more positive outlook on life

  • Reduce guilt, shame, anger, resentment and remorse in life

  • Increase awareness of the important role we play in the world

  • Reduce and even eliminate unwanted habits and addiction

  • Bring more joy into life

  • Increase love of humanity

  • Add more love to and from our partners

  • Discover what has real value in life

What does Membership Include?

Membership will include:

  • weekly meditations

  • monthly events

  • discounts on private sessions, special classes and special events

Weekly Meditation: (all times Eastern)

Monday Mindfulness Meditation       6:30 pm - 7:00 pm

A ½ hour meditation of Mindfulness to de-stress the day.


Tuesday 12 noon ~ Thursday 12 noon

This is a ½ hour combination of Mindfulness, Insight and Guided Imagery Meditation designed with the current events in mind and deeply rooted in the traditional practice of classic meditation. This will be facilitated through a web conferencing platform (Zoom) where you can connect anywhere you have internet or a telephone.

Monthly Events - Included

Vipassana Meditation.png

Monthly Vipassana Meditation:

Second Saturday 8:30 am - 10 am

1.5 hour meditation every month.

There is a transformation that takes place when one takes a true break from the world with a longer form of meditation. Known as Vipassana, often translated as "deep insight," it focuses on the interconnection between mind and body and brings a transformative calm like no other.

Monthly Shaman Bonfire

Last Friday every month from 7pm ~ 8:30pm


In the ancient days, the Tribe gathered around the bonfire to experience community bonding and to listen to the wisdom from the Great Spirit. In this time honored tradition, we gather around a Virtual Bonfire once a month for Deep Listening and Spiritual Attunement with a talk on Global Shamanism and/or an interview and a short Shamanic Journey with time for a Q&A. This is a Virtual event included in your Membership and open to the general public for a separate fee.

TT Shaman Bonfire.png
TT Healing Circle.png

Shamanic Healing Circle

Third Thursday from 7pm - 9pm


The Shamanic Healing Circle is a Virtual event where I use the practice of Shamanic Healing with as many attendees possible in the "Circle" in addition to a Group Healing and a Global Healing of earth and humanity. Everyone in the Circle has their own unique healing in the Group Healing of body, mind and Spirit and will also experience additional healing through Quantum Entanglement, with the individual healing. You are allowed 1 additional Guest into the Shamanic Healing Circle as a Member. This is a Virtual event included in your Membership and open to the general public for a separate fee.

Monthly Visionary Gathering:

1st Tuesday at 7pm - 8:30pm 

As an intuitive and Visionary Consultant, I have helped thousands of people over the last 20+ years discover a new way of navigating their life getting them closer to their ultimate goal of career success, personal joy and Spiritual attunement. During this Monthly Visionary Gathering, I will be looking into the future of the month before us to help lay out a plan of action as an overview for the month to come. There will also be Q&A time from Guests in the Circle for individual guidance. THIS EVENT IS EXCLUSIVE FOR TRUSTED TRIBE MEMBERS ONLY!


Private Social Media Page


Daily Inspirations and special offers will be posted in alignment with the Monthly Visionary Gathering and the Global events as they transpire. This is to give you a moment of pause for contemplation, an inspiration of guidance and a daily reminder of our Collective Consciousness in action. There will also be pop up special events and surprise offers each month that only members can take advantage.

TT Visionary Circle.png

Discounts for private sessions


As a Trusted Tribe Member, you will be given a special code to automatically receive a minimum 15% discount on any private session for that particular month. Some months the discount may increase but it will never be below a 15% discount! From a 1 hour "Dignitary" session or a ½ hour "Director" session to a 1.5 hour private Past Life Regression/Shamanic Journey you immediately take 15% off the price of a private session.


 $48 / month

automatically renewed

cancel at anytime

TT Member.png

Click the LINK HERE to be directed to payment and Membership.


You are a part of the Trusted Tribe!

This allows you to join Meditations on Tuesday and Thursday at 12 noon and Monday evening at 6:30pm throughout the month as well as many other monthly events.

Your billing cycle is from time of purchase, can be stopped at any time and will be deducted from your account automatically until you choose to end. Your Membership is non-refundable, non transferable and will be billed through Square.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, do not hesitate to send me an email.

Thank You!

Here are just a few of the over 100 meditations we have already completed!

TT You Aare Love 10_28_2021.jpg
TT I Am There 11_30_2021.jpg
TT Beginners Mind 12_14_2021.jpg
TT With Grace & Ease 5192022.png
TT Trust 12_16_2021.jpg
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